Let’s Talk about Llamas

Llamas come in different colors. Some are solid in color and some are in patterns of the main colors: brown, tan, black, and white. I like the black, or brown and white, llamas the best. How about you?

Llamas may have smoother fur as in the first photo below, or shaggy fur as in the second photo. Both types have to get their fur cut when it gets too long. Do you think they like to get haircuts?

Had their haircuts!

Don’t get a llama mad at you. You know what might happen? He might spit on you. Yuck! Mistreating a llama might be a reason when he’ll spit at you. Now, most of the time llamas don’t spit at humans. When they do they’re probably feeling mad or lonely. However, fellow llamas aren’t so lucky. They’ll spit at another llama to show dominance, to vie for attention, to act as a warning to another llama, if they’re irritated, and for other similar reasons. It’s called spit because the sour, green liquid comes out of their mouth. In reality, the liquid is gastric juice from their stomach. How far can they spit? You’d better stand more than 10 feet away if you make a llama mad because that’s how far the spit can go.