Book One: Llama Drama

Welcome to the beginning of my book series, The Magical Adventures of the Animal Whisperer. It’s written for kiddos aged 8-12 years old. Book 1 is published on Amazon and is called, Llama Drama.

I don’t want to give away too much of the fun of this story. However, I will say this…(Spoiler alert) Part of the story occurs in Peru at a famous site. The main character, 10 year old Michael, is very sad about his dad’s death. Moving to the new farm helps him to start to feel better because of all of the animals there, and when he learns that he’s the animal whisperer. He travels with his twin sister, RJ, and a school friend, Keisha, to Peru to learn why the farm’s llama is acting grumpy towards the humans. And, unexpectedly, he learns something important about himself during his travels.

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